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The Six Page Essay

My daughter, who is in high school, came up to me while I was writing and announced, “My history grade is about to improve. I wrote a six page essay on my test yesterday.”

The ex-college teacher inside me winced. In a cautious voice, I asked, “Did your teacher want a six page essay?”

“Well, he said he had extra paper if we needed it,” she told me, glowing with pride, “and when I handed it in, he said, ‘Wow, you really had a lot to say.’”

I bet he did, I thought, picturing the look on his face. I struggled for something to say, but she had already walked off with visions of A’s dancing in her head.

I felt a stab of sympathy for this teacher with multiples classes of 30-40 students presented with a six page answer to an essay test question. At the same time, my heart soared with pride for my daughter who found six pages worth of words about a subject she generally has no interest in. She is really trying in school this year, despite trouble with bullies and a grueling sophomore schedule. I hope she gets her A.


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